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VARIOUS ARTISTS: Now That’s What I Call Music XIII

When my wife and I married, we went to the UK and Ireland for our honeymoon. Two years later (1989), she worked for six weeks in Oxford. When her stint was up, I flew over and we took a quick sightseeing trip round England and Wales.
While I was there in 1989, I went into a record store and many book stores (and I discovered CAMRA, yum). I noted that generally speaking the CDs were more expensive than in the US (and, not surprisingly, that books were cheaper and the beer better). I also noticed that all the top sellers were comps. I had never seen these kind of VA comps in the US (and didn’t until NOW and its imitators came to this US sometime in the oughts). My conclusion at the time was that the English were not as well-off as Americans (even in Oxford) and that if they wanted their favorite music on CD, for many, the only way was with one of these VA comps.


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